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   OROLOGIO is a computer application, allowing you to schedule your class timetable quickly and accurately.

   OROLOGIO has been developed and continuosly improved by ANTINOOS since 1993, taking into consideration the many suggestions and comments of a large number of users facing many timetabling situations. Over 1200 Schools and other educational Institutions throughout Greece, Cyprus and U.K. are now using OROLOGIO to create their Timetables.

   Unlike other applications OROLOGIO is the only program that automatically builds the timetable for you.

   The fast processing, offered by OROLOGIO, enables you to create automatically many timetables, to optimise them manually or automatically and to select the one that fits you most. This way, you save time, decrease costs and have better results.

   OROLOGIO is one of the best 2-3 brands of its kind in the world market and ANTINOOS aims at this market with constant improvements and quality emphasis on OROLOGIO.

   OROLOGIO is available in four versions: Standard, Advanced, Professional and Options:

Fast algorithmic building of automated SolutionsNEW!
Multiple Solutions in unlimited Files
Adaptation to any School type
Multilanguage Support Utility
Improved 32bit Code
Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP compatible
Basic Data
Year Groups, Classes and sub-Classes (forms/grades)
Courses and Subjects
Subject WeightNEW!
Rooms & Sites for split-site Schools
Room capacity & Class load
Shared teaching in joint Classes and Class splitting in multiple levels
Team teaching for Teachers (Group of Teachers in a Class) (N/A in Standard Vers.)NEW!
Students and Special Student Groups
Real-time Data Conflict CheckingNEW!
Time constraints (exclusions) for Teachers-Classes-Rooms-Sites-Students and School
Time-Quota (probabilistic) constraints for Teachers-Classes-Rooms-Students and SchoolNEW!
Data Relations
Teaching Periods, adjacent teaching periods and Subjects that a Teacher teaches in a Class
Select the Rooms a Teacher can teach a Class
Select the Class a Student or a Group belongs to
Select the Site a Class can take lessons
Determine the Classes that can't have lessons simultaneously
Determine the Subjects that cannot appear (or must appear) on the same dayNEW!
Determine the Teachers that can't have lessons simultaneouslyNEW!
Deterimine the Site of a Room
Data Clashes
Multiple compatibility tests and hints before and after processing the solution for a clash free timetable
Initial Settings and Processing
User can interactively place some lessons on the timetable before the automated building of the solution
User can start an automated building of a new timetable result
User can start an automated building of a timetable having as initial settings a partial timetable
User can start an automated building of the timetable for only some selected joint or splitted Classes (N/A in Standard Vers.)NEW!
User can start an automated building of the timetable for only the Teachers that teach as a Group in a Class (N/A in Standard Vers.)NEW!
User can start an automated building of the timetable for only some selected Subjects (Courses) (N/A in Standard Vers.)NEW!
Auto processing satisfies the time and other constraints that are preset
Auto processing satisfies the requirements for adjacent periods-double periods etc
Auto processing satisfies the requirements for an equidistribution of Subjects in a weekly basis
Timetable re-building in a daily basis to backup absent Teachers
Result Preview
Preview of individual Timetables per Teacher-Class-Room-Student
Preview of Master Timetables (Teacher-Class-Room-Student)
Preview of various Distributions and Stats (Teacher-Class-Room-Student)
Automated Optimisations
Automated minimisation of free slots for Teachers and Classes
Automated optimisation of daily lesson distribution for Teachers and Classes
Automated optimisation of lesson per period distribution for Teachers and Classes
Automated optimisation of continual teaching for Teachers
Automated minimisation of Room usage, and Room release
Automated minimisation of moves between Sites for Teachers and Classes
Automated optimisation of Probabilistic Time restrictionsNEW!
Automated optimisation of Subjects Weight (per Course)NEW!
Interactive Modifications
After initial solution is reached user can interactively modify the timetable
User can select out of set of proposed alternative places a lesson or a block of lessons can be placed in the timetable, do the modification and program takes care of all the related moves automatically
User can see the side effects of a lesson movement before accepting the change. He also can undo any change
User can make a must-have change on timetable and program fixes all other lesson assignments
User can change Teacher, Subject or Room for an assigned teaching period, while working on Result TimetableNEW!
User can lock and unlock lessons at teaching periods and/or place and remove a time exclusion on Timetable
Automatic creation of School OPTIONS (British Schools), based on Students' choices (Options Vers. ONLY)NEW!
Automatic creation of School EXAMS Schedule, based on Students' choices (Options Vers. ONLY)NEW!
SUBSTITUTIONS of absent Teachers and substitution records (Options Vers. ONLY)NEW!
Reports & Exports
Easy Copy-Paste of Data and Timetables into Word and Excel
Export Timetables to Text (Tab Delimited) Files
Configurable Printouts of individual Timetables for Teachers-Classes-Rooms-Students
Configurable Printouts of Master Timetables
Data consistence Reports & Printouts
Help & Support
Full Printed Manual and Help Screens
Technical Support via Internet and Phone
Support - Guarantee
1 year FREE FULL SUPPORT (Updates incl.)
30days Money Back Guarantee
Timetable Limits
Days 28
Teaching Periods per Day 24
Teachers, Classes
Subjects, Rooms
Teachers, Classes
Subjects, Rooms
Total Teaching Periods (Opt) > 1200
Total Teaching Periods (Pro) > 800
Total Teaching Periods (Adv) > 400
Total Teaching Periods (Std) < 400
Typical Time
for building a Timetable
on a 3.06 GHz Pentium
100 Teaching Periods 0.5 sec
300 Teaching Periods 18 sec
600 Teaching Periods 50 sec
1400 Teaching Periods 4.2 min

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